Bali Girls

Bali Girls / Indonesian Girls

Bali Girls (Girls from Bali or that live in Bali) are very different to the girls you would meet in other parts of Indonesia. Due to Bali becoming a very popular tourist destination many girls have taken up work in the bars and night clubs looking for single (or married) western men to spend the night with to earn good money. This is not to say that all the girls in Bali are out for this but it is no secret that a large amount of them are. Girls that work in the bars and nightclubs of Bali are known locally as “Kupu Kupu Malam” – or “Night Butterflies” in English. The following details how you can come to meet a local working girl or even if you are more interested in trying to find a non working girl.

While prostitution is illegal in Indonesia it is no secret that it happens and a blind eye is turned in the tourist areas because of the massive numbers of single men it brings into the country and also because it is an excellent way for attractive girls to earn a good living and also help support the family back home in the Village.

Bali Girls – Bar Girls

Bali Bar Girls can be found in the most the bars in Kuta and even further out. These girls work in the bar serving customers, pouring drinks and even playing games with men that come in. If you walk into a bar and see a girl you look the easiest thing to do is make eye contact with them and that will be a strong signal that you wish to speak to them. After playing around in the bar for some time you will have the option of paying a “Bar Fine” to take the girl from the Bar to go out to a different Bar or Club or even to go back to your hotel room.

The Bar Fine is not paid to the girl but rather to the bar as they will loose 1 staff member for the evening. A Bali Bar Girl will usually ask for anywhere between 150,000Rp to 500,000Rp depending on how much they like you and how attractive they are. The team at Bali Deals is by no means a very attractive bunch but we have always found that girls will be willing to barter down from the first price they offer and its no secret that girls will ask for less money during the lower season as they have less chance of a 2nd customer coming in with an interest in them.

It is also important to remember that Bar Girls will at times ask if you will buy them a drink – while these drinks cost as much as any other alcohol the girl will usually just get a coke or water. This is because the girl makes a cut from the drink which means more money when she is paid. A major benefit to getting a girl from a Bar is that you have a location you can go back to and complain should you have any problem once you leave the bar.

Bali Girls Bar Girls Indonesian

Bali Girls – Freelance Girls

A Bali Freelance girl is a girl that you may meet in a nightclub that will be happy to go back to your room for a set fee. Freelance girls at times do not have jobs, some may work in a Bar which means they come out once the bar has closed or others may work in Hotels or Massage shops during the day. Freelance girls are generally more attractive then Bar Girls and they know this which is why they go to the nightclubs as the majority of younger, cashed up single guys prefer these locations to the Bars where the older single men hang out.  A Bali Freelance Girls will usually have a starting price of about 200,000Rp and can ask for anything up to 1,000,000Rp for a night out and this does not include food or drinks they may expect you to buy.

While Freelance Girls can be very attractive, it is important to remember that you have not meet them in a Bar so if anything goes wrong you will few options to try and resolve the issue or complain. The upside to a Freelance Girl is that there is no Bar Fine and as mentioned prior – the girls are generally more attractive then the Bar Girls you can meet.

Bali Girls Bar Girls Indonesian

Bali Girls – Bali Holiday Girlfriend

At times you may meet a girl that likes spending time with you very much and you may have the same feelings. Often in these cases people choose to stay with that 1 girl for the entire Holiday. It is important to remember that these girls are still doing this for money so it is fare to provide them with a daily rate although it is the Bali Deals Team Opinion that the rate should be lower then for a single night as you are bulk buying and the majority of girls in Bali would not have consistent customers each and every night due to the large number of girls that work in these districts.

When your Holiday is over it is important to try and cut tie’s with the Freelance / Bar Girl you have meet. Some men have been known to try and keep a relationship going by sending money every month which does work at times but in the majority of cases the girls actually enjoy the nightlife and partying and end up doing the same things anyway. If you really are interested in trying to have a relationship with a Bali Bar Girl then it is wise to keep it an open relationship or if possible, try to find work in Bali / Indonesia so you can relocate – although this would be a big step for someone you may have only spent 1 or 2 weeks with.

Good Bali Girls

While many of the girls do move to Bali in order to earn better money there are still always plenty of girls who do not wish to work in that scene and prefer to work in Hotels or Cafes living of tips. Generally these girls would have little interest in western men as they are seen as people who come looking for ‘Cheap Girls’ but it is very possible to meet one and enjoy time with one if they like you and think you are a good person.

The Nightclubs and Bars are not very good locations to meet girls such as this and you would be better to go into town to meet them or even at your hotel if you stay in often and spend much time there.

If you have any questions regarding Bali Girls please do not hesitate to contact the Bali Deals team and we wil reply ASAP and add it into this section!